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Monday, July 29, 2013

Two Articles from CNN on Religion

I don't generally find CNN to be a particularly good news source (nor a particularly true views source), but they do have a pair of interesting articles in their religion section. The first breaks down atheists into 6 distinct (but are they different?) groups. The second article is about why the writer thinks many Millennials are leaving religion (and in particular, evangelicalism). My comment on the first article is that there is nothing particularly surprising about there being different kinds of atheists, since any large movement or organization will tend to break into smaller and oftentimes opposing parties or factions. My comment on the second article is that it may be right, but that it does contain a strange contradiction. That contradiction is the claim that many "young" people (call it the under-30 crowd, since we're talking about Millennials) crave the old "high Church" style of liturgical worship, but reject the old creeds and especially the old moral teachings that should go with it. It takes all three (creed, code, and worship) to make a religion. A lot of people are weary of the culture wars, I know; and a lot complain about the simple moral teachings of the "conservative" denominations, sects, and churches. But this is really no reason for a church to stop teaching those things (though it may be a sign that those teachings could be made more clearly).

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