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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crucified for Hedonism

Joseph Pearce has a brief post up which teaches an important truth to a culture which wishes to sacrifice truth to hedonism:
Those who embrace their crosses selflessly are liberated from their slavery to themselves. This is the only freedom worth living for or dying for. Those who hate their crosses are nailing themselves more painfully to them, enslaving themselves to their own selfishness. 
The number of suicides is increasing. Despair is increasing. Nihilism is rampant. Addiction is an epidemic. These are all signs of a society that is crucifying itself through its hatred of the Cross.  
Saint Augustine wrote that the demons are ruled by their passions rather than their intellects, but I don't think that most men do much better these days. Such is life in a culture which embraces hedonism. The demons cannot rule themselves, but they wish to rule others; we can't control our own passions and urges, and so are unable to use our intellects to guide ourselves. The result is a great social death wish.

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