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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Will of the People?

This is a revisiting of a one of the posts which I accidentally deleted. I noticed that after the mob shouted down SB5 in the old special session, that the more self-congratulatory members of said mob were claiming that the voice of the people had been heard. In other words, it was the will of the people enacted that the bill did not get a fair vote. Nevermind that many people present were not shouting, but rather were waiting quietly and respectfully (in accordance with the state senate's own rules). Nevermind that many of those present supported the bill, or that the capital is perhaps the most liberal and pro-abortion city in the state, and that any crowd assembled on short notice to "watch" a proceeding expected to last until midnight will draw overwhelmingly from the nearby populace. It was a triumph for "the people," by which is apparently meant a mob of occupy Wallstreet wannabes.

Those same people who were trumpeting the triumph of "the will of the people" were strangely silent about any supposed "will of the people" or rule by democracy the next day. Some even went so far as to celebrate the Supreme Court's ruling on Proposition 8, which essentially said that "the people" (meaning private citizens" do not have to right to defend the laws enacted by those same people in a majority vote during an election with the highest voter turnout in history. Apparently, the will of the people only matters when it agrees with the agenda, and the voice of the people is only to be heeded when it screams for the policies of the Party.

Ignore those crowds with the palm branches: we only listen to the mob yelling for Barabbas. There is, of course, a will which is infinitely more important than that alleged to be of "the people." There is a voice which is by far more important than that of "the people," though they are loud and it is often still and small. This is often the first will to be forgotten when a mob is formed, and the first voice to be drowned out by the shouting. The second is any which opposes the mob, and then the third is that of any individual within the mob.


Update: apparently, my Barabbas remark falls short of the depravity of this mob. Sad, but not surprising. What can we do but pray for all those involved. "Eternal Father, I offer you today the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son our Lord, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world..."

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