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Saturday, January 21, 2017

White House Website

Much is being made about the "issues" which are now missing from the White House website. The site is in transition a President Trump begins his administration--I expect to see the page get more developed with time. And I am disappointed (though not surprised) to see a few issues missing: foremost among these are the pro-life issues, which I suppose aren't being noticed for the simple reason that these have not been on the White House site for about 8 years. Ditto for religious liberties. These days, it is these two sets of liberties which are under most constant assault by our culture and even at times our government.

Of course, the "issues" which most people are whining about being missing are issues which the previous administration championed: socializing healthcare, civil rights, climate change, and the LGBTQABCETC issues. With any luck, some of these things will continue to be absent from the website. I think its a bit much to hope for a good counter-response to them from this administration.