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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Leave Mozilla a Comment

You can apparently leave feedback for Mozilla here. Let them know what you think of their products--or how they treated their co-founder and now-former CEO, Brendan Eich. I left them a short and not necessarily eloquent comment:
This isn't a comment about your products themselves. I like Firefox, and Thunderbird has been my main email client. However, I can't help but be appalled by how you treated your now-former CEO. The man was made to resign over a $1,000 contribution to Prop. 8, a proposition which not only won a majority vote in the state at the time, but was supported by a majority of people across the country (based on opinion polls and actual statewide votes as of the time). This was an action from 6 years ago and frankly has no effect on his ability to run an organization.

Ridiculous. How would all of those calling for his resignation have liked it if he, as company CEO, had simply fired them and replaced them with people whose views were more in line with his own? Shame on Mozilla for acting in such a childish manner and punishing a man for his privately held opinions. Perhaps those calling for his head should have simply resigned themselves instead, if the thought of working for someone with whom they disagreed on a political issue is such a problem for them. Good luck to them in finding a person whose political, ethical, and/or moral principles are 100% in line with their own to take over his position.

It looks like most of the reactions lately are pretty unhappy with their mistreatment of Mr. Eich. As well they should be: their forcing him to resign over a political opinion smacks of a secular inquisition. Since it has been done in the name of tolerance*, it is also outright hypocrisy, in the truest sense of the word. It is also worrisome that this kind of political persecution is not limited to just one issue (bad as that would be); rather, any dissent from the Left now leaves potential for punishment. The "gay rights" movement may be the worst offenders (rivaled really only by the pro-abortion movement), but they are by no means the only ones.

The movement which once claimed to be about equality and freedom is now identifiable with fascism.

I should end by adding that there is no word of where we can leave feedback for President Obama's (corrupt, frankly Orwellian) IRS for leaking this private information. I hope that Mr. Eich sues them and wins big, since political donations of this sort are in principle private and not public knowledge. It also suggests that we should be wary of what we report as donations to the IRS. A small tax break now may not be worth losing a job in a decade.

Update: While you're at it, why not leave Mozilla. Here are some alternatives which are similar to Firefox, using basically the same source code--though I think that SeaMonkey may still be by Mozilla, so not all of these are true alternatives. And here is a longer list of alternatives, courtesy of Wikipedia.

*I'm noticing that tolerance as a buzzword is even becoming a thing of the past on the Left. The idea has been dead for decades, but even the words is being used more by those of us who criticize them than by "progressives" and other Leftists themselves.

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