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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TMM: Women and Wages in the Workplace

It is considered a blasphemy against the secular sensitivities to say anything against women in the workplace. Allow me to therefore make a brief contrarian observation. While I don't oppose a woman's "right to work" (that's a job for labor unions), I do question whether an integrated workplace is necessarily a good thing. The progressive party line, parroted by so many "free-thinkers," is that equality is a good thing, and thus that it must be encouraged wherever possible, and sometimes forced when impractical.

And, to the extent that this leads to equality of opportunity, it is mostly a good thing. Where it fosters commutative justice, so much the better. The problem is that more often that not, equality is less about commutative justice and more about quashing distributive justice. Thus, for example, there was a time when a "living wage" had been established for American men--and was dis-established by the outcry it caused among feminists [1]. It is debatable as to whether the abolition of this built-in wage difference brought about commutative justice--the progressive, feminist line is that it did, which must be why they now spend so much time whining about the myth of income inequality--but it is certain that the result was a reduction in distributive justice.

Men could not be the guaranteed breadwinners for their families, even when they were gainfully employed. Of course, in some families this task now falls to women, but in many more, particularly poor families, the result is the loss of a breadwinner.

[1] Source: Donna Steichen's essay on Feminism in Disorientation: The 13 "Isms" Which Will Send You to Intellectual La-La Land.

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