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Friday, April 11, 2014

Contemplating Switching Blog Platforms

We only launched this blog a little under a year ago, and now we are considering moving it again. We both like the blogger interface, but it would be nice to divest ourselves of Google to the largest extent possible. Part of this is because of the while tracking thing: there are a number of "service" providers (meaning, provides browser, email, blogs, etc) which do not track and collect information to the extent that Google does. Furthermore, Google likes to see itself as being on the forefront of the progressive movement--both with its calls to "expand gay rights. This means on the one hand legalizing "gay marriage" and thus further throwing the institution of marriage into disarray, and on the other ultimately causing any actual rights which come into conflict with this to contract.

Second, we have suspicions that Google may have played some part in the dismissal of Eich as CEO of the company which he helped to found over his one-time support of traditional marriage. They obviously did not publicize this, but size the lion's share of Mozilla's profits come via Google, and given that Google has been very outspoken in its support of "gay marriage" and other supposed "gay rights," that they played a part (and a significant one at that) in Eich's ouster would come as no surprise.

We'll keep blogging here for now, especially while we look for some other provider to blog with. We are leaning towards WordPress though we haven't made any final decisions yet. Whatever are their opinions of "gay marriage" and "gay rights" and for that matter abortion as opposed to religious freedom, the rights of conscience, and the right to life, they have largely kept those opinions to themselves.

Speaking just for myself, I will probably have to keep a gmail account to continue using Google drive, which is unfortunate but borderline necessary, in particular with my career. I prefer Dropbox because of the fact that they are not Google, but it seems like its increasingly difficult to get by with just Dropbox. I don't know of their corporate values, but in some ways this is better than with Google. To not know means that they are keeping politics out of their supposedly non-political organization, unlike Google. However, I currently have multiple gmail accounts, in large art because I have to have one to write this blog, which is itself a "semi-anonymous" blog, meaning that I have a second one for "work" purposes; I suspect my co-blogger can say the same.  Suffice it to say that I am also looking into alternative (though reliable) and free email providers--gmx looks promising, as do these folks, though I want to try out their services before actually recommending them.

Leave us a line with your thoughts and suggestions.

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