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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Quick Link: How Bad Is the Media?

This bad. They're not even trying to be investigative journalists, or to report the facts; instead, they have a narrative, and they're sticking to it, and churning out whatever propaganda they can to further that narrative:
It would take a Special Kind of Idiot to think she was on-the-level. 
But the media is filled with exactly that sort of Special Kind of Idiots. And the mistake is on them, not her. 
Again: All they had to do was... ask a single question. 
Which the media didn't do. Why bother? We know the facts without asking about them.We know that Zimmerman protesters are "Racist & Proud;" what is the point of examining evidence about this closely? We know what the evidence would show, if we had any. 
"The media can't resist a good storyline" is of course their only failing, you know. 
By the way: The media routinely chides Breibart and the right generally for getting stories wrong. But I don't seem to notice the media itself ever confessing error and apologizing in cases of gross and stupid error like this. 
What I see them doing is burying stories, stealth-correcting, or just leaving the error to displace the truth (as happened with IRS Building Bomber Joseph Stack, an avowed communist whom the media still insists was a "Tea Partier" or at least had such leanings).
An, it's worth noting, the media mistook this woman holding a parody racist sign ("We're racist & we're proud!") as a Zimmerman supporter, despite that fact that this occurred at an anti-Zimmerman rally. So even with the narrative to advance, basic journalistic integrity, to say nothing of simple honesty, would have required the reporter in question to ask if the sign was serious and if the woman really was pro-Zimmerman before reporting that this was the case.

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