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Monday, July 8, 2013

Culture War Parties?

It seems to me that there are two major parties concerning the question of abortion: well, parties in the sense of sides with which people eventually align. There's the party of life, and the party of options. Sorry, that's the party of life and the party of choice, there's only one option which the latter really supports, and it is by-and-large not ad-option.

This is, after all, the logical consequence of a movement which complains about overpopulation (a perennial myth): namely, if overpopulation is a problem, then the obvious solution is to keep the population down. One way to do this is to prevent more people form being born. Since people are not capable of controlling their sexual urges (except when they are politically motivated to do so), the only remaining option becomes "birth control," which often as not leads to pregnancy and results in abortion.

It never hurts to ask, "So, what are my choices?"

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