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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A New Political Reality?

Rebecca Hamilton is one of the few Democrats whose political opinions (and commentaries) I actually respect. If the rest of her party was more like her, America would be a better place for it. Here are her comments on the actions of the bloodthirsty mob which set out to undermine the power and authority of the Texas Legislature during the Pro-Life Omnibus votes:

If you don’t like what your legislator does with the power you gave them when you elected them, then run against them for election. If  you don’t want to run, then go out and volunteer to help someone else run. Put up yard signs. Make phone calls. Hand out literature. Donate money.  
That is the way to change the face of government in this country. It is a power we all have, and which we are giving away to special interests and money men when we don’t use it.  
There is a new kid on the political block, and it’s a yammering, spoiled, mean-spirited little brat who wants what it wants when it wants it and doesn’t care what damage it does to this country to get it. The bad behavior of some of the protestors in Texas is paralleled by the sudden rash of elected officials, Attorneys General, in particular, who run for office, get elected, and then find that their superior morality requires them to refuse to do the job they were elected to. 

Luckily, the mob failed this time around--though there was only a this time because they succeeded last time. It may be a "new political reality," and that's not a good thing. There is one form of democracy which is worse than any other, and that's the democracy of the mob, the democracy of the revolution, the democracy or disorder. That is the the "democracy" which we are moving toward, and not just in the case of Texas' Pro-Life Omnibus.

We see it in the race-riots after the Zimmerman verdict, riots which were incited by race baiters like Al $harpton and Je$$e Jack$on (to say nothing of Barack Obama and Eric Holder). We see it in the union protests against Scot Walker and others. They have moved beyond being sore losers, and into trying to destroy the very foundations of civil order over not getting their way. I am always skeptical of the mob, and now even more if it hopes to destroy representative government in favor of its own base passions.

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