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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Transparent Liars

Once upon a time, politicians put some effort into the lies they told. Thanks to Obama's harping on "transparency," it is apparently now ok to lie transparently. Case in point is the pink-shooed long-winded liar herself, Wendy Davis: " I don't know what happened in the Gosnell case. But I do know that it happened in an ambulatory surgical center." As Ace puts it,
I don't know anything of this "Hitler" character you're talking about but I do know his favorite light opera was The Merry Widow. And that's all I know.
This tactic -- strategic ignorance -- is a favorite one of politicians. And of the media, actually, on the rare opportunity they are asked a question. In order to avoid answering a question, they claim, preposterously, brazenly dishonestly, to be not quite sure about what it is you're talking about, and you can hardly ask them to render an opinion on things they know nothing about, right? 
It's a direct lie and it should be called such-- right to their faces. But John McCormack here wasn't quite expecting to have Wendy Davis lie so brazenly right to his face, so he was caught a bit on the back-foot.
She's however apparently honest enough to state that abortion is sacred to her, but why this qualifies here as a "moderate" is beyond me. I supposed "moderate' and "Moloch" sound kind of similar.

Speaking of Wendy Davis and her whole "I don't know what happened in the Gosnell Case" (and if all she watched was the mainstream media's coverage, that part might not be too surprising), she apparently does know that pro-life women don't understand late-term abortion: they simply can't see what's so great about mother choosing (or being pressured to choose) to murder their own children. Perhaps that's how she can claim to speak for the women of Texas, 61% of whom disagree with her radical stance on abortion. Wendy Davis' claims are nearly as dishonest, and more nearly dumb, than Amanda Marcotte's claims about pro-life men, which Ace takes apart in this epic rant.

One thing which is clear: if Wendy Davis were governor, these laws requiring that abortion mills be ambulatory surgery centers would not be enforced. Just like in Pennsylvania, where those laws went unenforced against Gosnell's butcher shop for years. Wendy Davis doesn't care about women (unless it's spelled with a "y"), and she certainly doesn't care about mothers. She doesn't care about the safe and rare part of the old 1990's abortion mantra (the one popularized by none other than Hilary Clinton: "Safe, legal, rare"). Her slogan, like her patroness Nancy Pelosi, like Amanda Marcotte, and like so many other pro-abortion "womyn," is that the "sacred" rite of abortion should be legal, convenient, and cheap.

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