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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Surely Just a Coincidence

One of the pushers of perversity in Canada has been arrested on charges of child pornography (no conviction, yet). Specifically, Benjamin Levin, Ontario's deputy minister of education from 2004-2009, the man who pushed a rather too comprehensive form of sex-education for children:
An indication of the man’s importance and closeness to Canada’s leftist elites was shown at the gay pride parade in Toronto, held just a few days before his arrest, where he stood in line with Wynne, federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, and former interim federal Liberal leader and former Ontario NDP Premier Bob Rae – the leading trio of Canadian Liberal Party.... 
Levin hasn’t been convicted of anything of course, but we cannot fail to mention that he has been at the centre of educational politics and power for a generation, and was a major figure in the educational establishment that gave us the most recent extreme and perverse sex education curriculum....For those who have forgotten just how sordid and provocative this trash was, it proposed that 11-year-olds learn about gender identity, homophobia, personal satisfaction, and discover their bodies through masturbation and vaginal lubrication. At 12 and 13 years of age they were to be taught about anal and oral sex. At all times they would be told that there were numerous genders, that we were the gender we wanted to be or thought we were, and not necessarily what we were born. There was also a concentration on homosexuality, bisexuality and gender transfer, and a weird, grotesque obsession with loveless and fringe sexuality that has no place in education, and certainly not in the education of such young children.
With people like this running education in Canada (and really in America too) is it any surprise that the country's sexual mores are in a continual state of freefall?

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