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Monday, August 5, 2013

Contraception's Other Pitfalls

It's an older story, but it bears repeating: oral contraceptives can lead women to pick the wrong partners. Perhaps this is also why the divorce rate has skyrocketing since the pill came into greater and greater usage. Granted, the argument is that oral contraceptives prevent women from being attracted to the "right" man concerning his genetic make-up (and specifically the make-up of his immune system), but still, it makes sense that if  woman contracepts, then as a result picks out a man who isn't "right" for her, to whom she isn't actually attracted naturally (e.g. by smell, apparently), and then they have trouble actually conceiving later in their marriage, then the marriage will be less happy than otherwise. And in the modern culture of no-fault divorce, an unhappy marriage is much more likely to lead to an ended marriage.

I have a little hypothesis about contraceptives: the more effective they are at preventing birth (either by preventing conception, or at times by causing an already-conceived child to die before implanting), the more or worse will be the long-term "side-effects". We'll see what are the effects specific to the IUD, but it does make some kind of sense that the more successfully we rebel against nature, the worse things will turn out for us as a result.

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