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Monday, August 12, 2013

Quick Links: On Bubbles and Bubble-Heads

You'd have to be in a pretty far left bubble to believe the Daily Kos' claim that the media is not liberal. Of course, it is the Daily Kos we're talking about here, but still. It's not just a matter of what stories the media does and does not report that shows their bias (although that is a part of it), but also of the slant they give to the things they do report. As David Warren noted in his relatively recent column for The Catholic Thing, that slant is becoming the story, in that where once we could infer the news from the stories reported by reading between the lines, there is no longer sufficient content in most "new stories" to do so. They function as pure propaganda, and it's mostly propaganda for the left.

Speaking of bubbles, a certain Slate writer (Amanda Marcotte, last seen making some rather arrogant--and frankly stupid--claims about pro-life men) has an article which is worthy of Screwtape's machinations. In it we find an argument as to why parents should condone their teens' shacking up in their own bedrooms. The reason I say it's worthy of Screwtape is because it poses a dilemma between pushing children into a hook-up culture through "sneaking around" and simply outright condoning their fornication in the context of providing them a place (their own bedroom) to fornicate safely with their current boy-friend or girlfriend. Does this latter approach teach monogamy? Yes, if one counts serial monogamy, and assuming that the teens in question don't decide to have a menage-a-trois. I smell a false dichotomy, but that would be par for the course for Slate and its ilk.

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