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Monday, August 26, 2013

For the Sake of Self-Criticism

Via Ace, there's this piece on the Breitbart site about tit-for-tat racial crime reporting:
I dislike the tit-for-tat stories anyway. The fact that the media and the left are obsessed with race does not mean the rest of us must be. And there is the very real danger that in trying to demonstrate the hypocrisy of race-mongers like Al Sharpton and the journalists who follow eagerly in their wake, focusing on the race of perpetrators and victims ends up emphasizing stereotypes and inflaming passions--quite independently of the argument at hand. We risk becoming no better than those hypocrites whom we would criticize. 
It is becoming harder for some conservative journalists to resist the tit-for-tat arguments when Sharpton et al. continue to pretend the Martin case was about race when everyone involved, including the prosecution, said that it was not. Even the Martin family, given the opportunity (before the verdict) to comment on the fact that there were no black jurors, said that they placed their faith in their fellow citizens and the judicial process. The fact that the racial argument has survived the trial and the facts is both sad and frustrating.
I suppose that this criticism also falls on me, since I've posted my share of black-on-white crime links. And, if Pollak's analysis was complete here, he'd be right. The thing is this; whereas Al $harpton and Je$$e Jack$on and (to some extent) Obama and member of his administration insist on seeing everything through the lens of race, that really isn't the whole story. Hence, counterexamples (and they far outnumber the examples that $harpton et al. can muster). As Ace puts in (in a rhetorical question),
The media does not report black-on-white crimes -- which are, as a statistical matter, far more likely to occur -- due to fears that ignorant, angry, nothing-to-lose whites will be incensed and attempt some racial score settling on their own.
Okay fair enough. 
So... I guess I would have to ask what effect the constant drumbeat of white (Hispanic)-on-black crime reporting would have on ignorant, angry, nothing-to-lose blacks.
My main point in these posts is to show that the media, and Je$$e Jack$on, and Al $harpton, and Obama et al, are in fact helping to incite more black-on-white crime, racially motivated as revenge for a case of, well, of poor judgment. It kind of underscores the hypocrisy of the media, who is willing to jump at every spree shooting or bombing or etc and ask which conservative (or Christian) ideology inspired it, when in fact there have been very few Christian, conservative spree-killers, and when in fact many of these spree killers have had ties to liberal/progressive and/or anarchist groups.

Remember when Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona Congresswoman, got shot, and the media attempted to pin it on Sarah Palin's "targets" ad (the one about "targetting" weakly held democratic offices for getting Republicans elected instead)? This despite some rather similar Democratic campaigns and rhetoric. Now we have so actual examples of race-baiting, some actual examples of stirring up emotions towards violence, and the media suddenly becomes interested in just about anything else.

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