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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On Boredom Killings

The Ace of Spades blog pretty much summarizes my thoughts on the recent shooting of an Australian man by three teens:

  • The murderers were black, the victim white, and therefore the media will ignore race entirely. You'll hear no condemnations from hucksters like Al Sharpton. It only matters if it's a white guy (or white Hispanic guy) killing a black guy, never the other way around.
  • The killing may or may not have been motivated by racism--just as in any case where a white man kills a black man, the murder may or may not have anything to do with racism. However, there has bee a spate of race-related black-on-white crimes.
  • Piers Morgan, may he be deported someday as a foreign threat, has essentially called for a gun ban following this. At least, stricter gun laws, and an uprising against the NRA (who are really behind this, doncha know). As the blogger Andy says, the right response to this is, "Piss off, Piers. The perps were 15, 16 and 17, hence underage under existing US gun laws."
  • Finally, what does it say about the culture that a group of teens would come to the conclusion that killing somebody is a legitimate form of entertainment when bored?

This frankly has nothing to do with gun control, but it might have something to do with racism. Therefore, the people who need to be "stood up to" are not the NRA, but rather Obama, Holder, Al $harpton,, and the rest of the race-baiters.

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