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Monday, August 5, 2013

How Civilization Declines...

This is a pretty good description of the economics of decline:
According to a new report, half of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed, scraping by with low-wage service jobs. Those who are working earn less than their 1970s counterparts, when adjusted for inflation. 
They are moving back home, going back to school or embracing unpaid internships as the new starter jobs. They are marrying later and starting families later still. They are told to wait it out. They have time. The 20s are for having fun anyway. Real life starts later.

Well, it's a good description when paired with the fact that more-and-more people are being pushed through colleges at greater costs to themselves (and to everyone else) for fewer and lower-paying jobs. Moreover, our federal per capita financial obligations pale in comparison to those of bankrupt Detroit. Combine that with the skyrocketing cost of housing (to name one area where twenty-somethings got the economic shaft) and the fact that this generation will face the greatest financial burden as far as paying for retirees (meaning, fewer of us working per person retiring), and you have collapse imminent. Throw in the fact that the generation which is retiring, the "Baby Boomers," are the ones who are largely responsible for the economic (and social, and cultural) mess that we live in now, and we have the perfect storm fueled by a combination or greed, envy, and resentment in which to usher in an age of euthanasia and other horrors. Hopefully it won't come to that.

Unfortunately, our civilization is in decline, and the fall won't be pretty.

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