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Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Maps...

Some more interesting maps of the world. Some interesting points in them:
  • Despite the best efforts of Al $harpton (and his ilk), the U.S. is actually relatively racially tolerant (#8).
  • It would appear that many of the most ethnically diverse countries are also the least racially tolerant and vice-versa (#9), though there are some exceptions. Not sure what to make of that, other than that it suggests that attempts to force diversity on a population might tend not to make that population more tolerant.
  • Panarin's map (#11) seems laughable today. If the US actually did break up into smaller countries, and barring actually conquests, I'm thinking that it's unlikely that any inland western states would want anything to do with California/Oregon/Washington as political entities, or that the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Kentucky would want anything to do with the Northeast, or that most of the "flyover" state would want anything to do with Illinois/Minnesota/Wisconsin.
  • The world mostly likes us, and the world mostly likes us more than China (#12-13)
  • The "gay rights" around the world map is depressing, but is interesting when juxtaposed with the map below it (#15-16).
  • What is the point of the economic inequality map (#20)? To show that most places which have less of it are relatively affluent but bankrupt?
  • A lot of these seem politically motivated and are biased.
  • The common law vs civil law map (#25) is kind of cool.
  • Apparently, most European countries like the EU, including the ones that hate it (#30)
  • Apparently, a lot of Americans are optimistic about our economy, which is really a commentary on how well the media has covered for Obama (#34), or else a very sad commentary on the state of the rest of the world.
  • The satellite map (#40) is pretty cool.

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