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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Tolerance was long a watchword (of sorts) for the homosexualist movement. Tolerance, as Bishop Sheen noted, applies to persons but not to doctrines, so to the extent that there was a movement about tolerating persons, good for it. But that's not what the movement is about now, nor (if one reads the writings of the radical gay liberationists) has it ever really been.

And thus, as the homosexualist movement takes up the reins of power, both "soft" and "hard" power, we see the marginalization of and then the intolerance against anyone who opposes this movement. Thus there are the gay bullies who wish harm and death to the injured Thomas Peters, the "public hearings" which resemble nothing so much as kangaroo courts, the myriad lawsuits against conscientious protesters (I won't even both to link all of these, since they're both numerous and well-known). Then there is the military commander (soon I expect this to be plural) who asked her subordinate his views on homosexuality and then demoting him when he gave the "wrong" answer, which is enough to make the Christians in the military hope for some version of "don't ask, don't tell" concerning religion and their personal view on homosexuality.

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