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Friday, August 23, 2013

State Sponsored Tyranny

It's hard to say which is a greater example of state-sponsored tyranny in America: the Obama Administration's odious HHS contraceptives mandate, or the New Mexico Supreme Court's ruling against Elane Photography:
Justice Richard Bosson wrote, in concurrence, that the Huguenins are “compelled by law to compromise the very religious beliefs that inspire their lives.” He concluded, “The Huguenins are free to think, to say, to believe, as they wish; they may pray to the God of their choice and follow those commandments in their personal lives wherever they lead. The Constitution protects the Huguenins in that respect and much more. But there is a price, one that we all have to pay somewhere in our civic life.” That “compromise,” he wrote, “is part of the glue that holds us together as a nation, the tolerance that lubricates the varied moving parts of us as a people. That sense of respect we owe others, whether or not we believe as they do, illuminates this country, setting it apart from the discord that afflicts much of the rest of the world. In short, I would say to the Huguenins, with the utmost respect: it is the price of citizenship.”

This judge does not deserve the title justice, though justice will be served him some day. The compromise that he talks about is that religious faith and the rights of conscience must be sacrificed on the alter of "tolerance;" but tolerance only extends to certain favored groups, and must be exacted at the expense of others. One wonders how many actual rights will be crushed under the boots of so-called "tolerance" and how much of the fabric of civilized society must be unraveled in the name of this "glue." This judge can take his false respect and shove it: the pretense only adds insult to injury.

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