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Friday, August 9, 2013

Dmitry Agarkov: Brilliant

It's not often that somebody is able to pull one over on the banks and credit card companies by getting them to sign something that they haven't read--but Dmitry Agarkov has apparently managed it:

A Russian man who decided to write his own small print in a credit card contract has had his changes upheld in court. He's now suing the country's leading online bank for more than 24 million rubles ($727,000) in compensation.
Disappointed by the terms of the unsolicited offer for a credit card from Tinkoff Credit Systems in 2008, a  42-year-old Dmitry Agarkov from the city of Voronezh decided to hand write his own credits terms.
The trick was that Agarkov simply scanned the bank’s document and ‘amended’ the small print with his own terms.

I've always considered it unfair that the people looking to buy into the services aren't gerneally allowed any real say into the terms of the contract. For them, it's either sign, or don't sing. But when every providers of the services essentially offers the exact same (bad for the potential buyer) terms, what recourse does he buyer have?

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