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Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Bad News on the Homosexualist Front

Not to pile on too many posts on the topic of homosexualists and the gay agenda front of the culture war, not to mention kick the folks like Bottom who want to surrender to them, but there is some more bad news on this front. Some judge from Massachusetts has decided to allow a lawsuit to go forward against an Evangelical pastor for committing a "crime against humanity." His crime: speaking out against the gay lifestyle. And people laughed at Scalia when he said that we would be labelled "enemies of the human race."

I will grant that the situation in Uganda is also not good, that it is too far to the opposite extreme of hatting the sinners and not just the sin, but still, this is a case which ought to have been thrown out:
Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) accuses Lively of inciting “persecution” through public speaking and advising Ugandan leaders who introduced legislation against homosexuality. SMUG advocates for legal and social acceptance of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. It opposes legislation to strengthen anti-homosexuality laws. 
The lawsuit describes several events in Uganda, such as a raid of SMUG’s office. Lively is not mentioned a “single time within the many pages of the complaint that describe” those events, said Liberty Counsel, the law firm representing Lively.
I'm hoping this is a case of satire or parody being passed off as news, but I'm doubting we will be so lucky. Meanwhile, homosexuals are continuing to become a most protected (though least endangered) class in America, to the extent that merely speaking out against homosexuality (the action) is now be considered a crime. I'm not so optimistic as pastor Lively's attorneys that this will come back to bite the homosexualists: my best hope is that the pastor won't be charged with anything.

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