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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Devil Abroad

The devil walks abroad, and stalks a broad. Demoniacs exist, but who will believe they are possessed? Alas that there were no exorcists on hand.

Closer to home: a woman can't afford her own birth control, but somehow can afford to run for Congress. That's not really demonic activity, though it becomes diabolical when said woman's supposed inability to buy her own birth control leads to attacks against the freedom to follow the Church's teachings on the matter.

Closer still, and less obvious too: it's eery the number of formerly good, faithful Catholics and other Christians have suddenly decided that they were same-sex attracted and, shortly thereafter, have ceased to practice Christianity. Same-sex attraction happens and provides a tough struggle for the person involved; so do all other temptations, though we spend a lot less time celebrating certain of them, and I can name few (which is not none) others which have had such a tendency of rejecting all of Christian Truth (or, on a smaller scale, merely Christian morality) upon being discovered.

Is there demonic activity here? Perhaps it is the whisper which finds the excuse to abandon Christian morality in whole because some part of it has become difficult. That is a temptation faced by everyone, in differing degrees and kinds.

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