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Monday, February 10, 2014

Of Safety and Satire

Probably the most entertaining satirical video you'll see today: a citizen vs the nanny-state (city council edition). Ass-shland city council is considering an ordinance against open-carry of firearms (which is legal in Oregon). One citizens steps up in an epic way:

I've had my fill of government bureaucrats and other busybodies who are interested in enacting pointless and ineffectual laws against such things as our right to bear arms (openly or concealed), thereby punishing the majority of citizens who are at least somewhat responsible, sane, level-headed, etc. while making us all easier targets for those who are not sane, level-headed, or who are just plain sociopathic. But guns represent freedom and responsibility (even if they would be ineffectual in, for example, an actual rebellion), things that Leftists and other Statists don't want to encourage.

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