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Friday, March 14, 2014

War Against Boys

The war on boys--and ultimately, men--is the front of the culture war that nobody is really interested in talking about, or addressing. Well, almost nobody:
Boys are frequently kicked out of school and sent hurtling on a path towards delinquency and failure, even for minor instances of physical aggression. Does it make sense to treat a kid like a dangerous psychopath just because he got into a minor shoving match or — horror of horrors — a fist fight? This is how boys often express their aggression. Girls express it in more damaging and traumatizing ways. They spread gossip and rumors, they shun and ostracize other girls, and these acts can reverberate through a child’s life much further and deeper than getting pushed into a locker or punched in the nose.
But typical male aggression leads to expulsion, while typical female aggression usually leads to, at most, a stern lecture from the guidance counselor. To make matters worse, we’ve banned and outlawed the healthier outlets for a boy’s energy and rambunctiousness. Schools have increasingly prohibited tag, and kickball, and dodgeball , and football.
Feminism has long since run its course as a healthy and useful movement in society. Now it is less about bringing girls (and women) up as about pushing boys (and ultimately, men) down.

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