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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quote of the Day and a Few Good Links (vol. 13)

"Apparently devil worship can only get you a win at the district court level" (Tony McDonald).

We can only hope so.

A few more quick links in the same vein:
  1. A very good discussion of the four key questions which underlie any attempts at defending the Obama Administration's tyrannical HHS mandate. That it is a burden against the rights of religion and conscience are obvious, but there are sometimes legitimate reasons for a government to place limitations on these things. However, the HHS mandate fails to satisfy any of these criteria, and thus is naked tyranny.
  2. In related news, some (many? most?) people who support the Obama Administration in this tyrannical exercise of power do so not because they think he is doing the right thing, but rather because they want to see conservatives and Christians suffer. Some go so far as to openly wish that we would all be murdered (or castrated), which is I suppose consistent with their ideology in general. Why stop at murdering babies?
  3. At what point does the analogy to Nazism cease to be hyperbole? One does not need to wear a swastika to plumb the depths of depravity and monstrosity which were the Nazi ideology, or to carry out atrocities which rival (or exceed) those of Hitler and his followers, or to add the extra inhuman touches which make onlookers really recoil.
  4. The runner-up bonus quote of the day: "The leader of the free world met with the president today." Apparently, he talked about abortion and religious freedom; income redistribution, not so much. Bonus for the pope gave President Obama a copy of his apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. Nicely done, your Holiness.
That's about what I have time for right now.

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