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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Millenarian Cult

I haven't heard global warming described as such before today, but it makes sense:
The frenzy that was Global Warming, which Archibald rightly calls a “millenarian cult”, is on its last legs. The notorious Climategate emails convinced all but bug-eyed zealots that the “peer-reviewed” “science” was largely a political concoction (Archibald provides a nice summary). The reason global warming was so eagerly embraced is because supporters loved the consequences—government should grow to handle the “crisis”—and because of religion—Gaia was pure until the cancer Man infected it, etc., etc.
Climate models have predicted temperatures that would go up, up, and away! Too bad for the models that the actual temperatures went the opposite direction (for almost 20 years now). Normally scientists abandon models which give failed predictions. When they don’t, which they haven’t, we’re right to suspect they’re not doing science.
Do I believe in climate change? Sure. Some of it is even caused by people (exhibit A: LA, Houston, etc...), but I've also noticed that most of the people who are really on-board with the idea of anthropogenic climate change like its consequences and their version of its solutions more than the theory itself. It does, after all, give them a chance to pretend that their support for abortion and contraception is based on something other than selfish motives.

Nor does that fact that there is overwhelming consensus" among "climate scientists" mean much, since their continued funding is essentially contingent on there being something of a crisis with "climate change."

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