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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Second Class Citizens

We hear many complaints of gays, of radical feminist womyn , and of any number of others perpetually and professionally offended classes about being "second class citizens." In reality, we are slowly tailoring the laws and their application so that faithful Christians (and in some cases observant Jews) will be the actual second-class citizens.

The laws are passed in the name of "equality," but they simply transfer which group will be made "unequal", removing some important freedoms along the way. I recently heard this excused under the guise of "freedom from discrimination." This is a risible claim: there will always be some form of discrimination in society. These laws entrench that discrimination, but aim it against certain disfavored worldviews (specifically, Christianity). while lifting it from certain ideologies which are antithetical to Christianity (gay liberationism, radical feminism, etc.). And this will be done for increasingly rare and minor cases, but then applied to increasingly broad cases. n the end, the gays and feminists and other "interested" ideologies will not find that they achieve equality--thought they may achieve protected special status for a time. Rather, they will become the cultural inquisitors (at least so long as they remain useful), and theirs ma be the east merciful inquisition of all.

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