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Monday, January 18, 2016

Manic Monday Madness

It's MLK Day, and I'm at work. This made me chuckle during my lunch break, though:

Simple fact is, gun violence rates are declining in America, without our needing to add any new regulations. I am willing to get on-board with reasonable regulations--but reasonable and "reasonable-sounding" aren't always the same thing. Case in point: it sounds reasonable that convicted felons should be banned from owning firearms--until you realize just how petty some felonies are. Certainly, it would be good to redefine felonies to actually mean serious offences only; then again, it is specifically the violent criminals who ought not own firearms. I don't really care if a man who has been convicted (and has served time) for grand theft is allowed later to purchase a gun. I'm more concerned with preventing murderers, rapists, or robbers from readily obtaining guns than embezzlers.

In other news, while I don't support the Bundy Bunch--they are counter-productive at best, and certainly helping to distract from rather than raise awareness for the real issues--I tend to have little sympathy for the statists who have called for trying them for treason (the penalty for which is death). I'm especially unsympathetic to people who have spent their entire lives in either an urban area or on the east coast--such people tend to be utterly clueless as regards how much people in rural areas get worked over by the government at various levels.

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