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Monday, January 11, 2016

False Dichotomies

Evil often wins (at least for a time) because it often offers us two (or more) relatively easy choices, one of which is slightly less bad than the other. Society--meaning, the great mass of people--is then asked to choose between the two, as if no other alternatives exist.

There often is another alternative, one which is not evil (and which may in fact actually be good), but it is often difficult.

There are countless cases, but as an example let me pick just one which is currently in the collective conscience: that of the Mohammedan rape gangs in Europe (and particularly in Germany). The choices which we are provided with, as "relatively easy" options are these:

  1. Support the actual rape culture of the Mohammedan immigrants
  2. Support the "anti-rape" culture of the feminist crowds who argue that women who act however and dress however they want with impunity
  3. The minor (third) choice is that we should round up all of the Mohammedans and deport them

Option number 3 isn't necessarily a sub-choice of option number 2, though I've seen plenty of people using 2 to argue for 3. A further subset of 3 is "forced assimilation or deportation," which is an improvement on 3.

Looking at the choices above, it seems obvious that 2 is the "less evil" option of the two major options; nobody really wants option 1, after all. And too often, 2 is implicit in 3: I've seen quite a few erstwhile "conservative" voices suddenly supporting 2 because 1 looks like the worse option.

The problem is, 2 is not a good option either. Surely, it is less bad than option 1, but it is still bad. Men should not become rapists, that is obvious; men who do should be punished severely for it. On the other hand, women should not engage in "Slut Walks" or exhibitionism, or naked "performance art" (I won't provide a link, but let's just say this exists) as a response to the bad behavior of men. Degradation is not suddenly made better on account of being self-degradation as opposed to degradation inflicted by another.

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