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Saturday, April 4, 2015


We are in the midst of the holiest time of the Christian year. Maundy Thursday is the night of the last supper, Good Friday is the day of the crucifixion, Holy Saturday the Sabbath day in which Christ lay in the tomb. Easter Sunday is the day of the resurrection. By the old Jewish reckoning, this all covers three days (Thursday night/Friday morning; Friday through Saturday morning; Saturday through Sunday morning), thus giving it the name Triduum.

I am more interested for now in the four actions than the three days, for these point to some possible destinations and way-stations of our lives. Thursday night is fr us on earth, that we may have our lives here sanctified. Friday points to our deaths, and we must pray that we will die well, persevering in our faith and hope and charity until the end of our lives in this word. Saturday is for those in purgatory--formerly, for those who were in limbo before Christ's redemption--and Sunday points to eternal life.

It may be said that Maundy Thursday testifies to life on earth, that it has some meaning and helps determine where we will spend eternity. Good Friday testifies to the reality of Hell, for without Hell there would be no need for Christ to have died. Holy Saturday testifies to the possibility of purgatory, and of a "pre-Christian" limbo, as Christ's "day of rest" might be spent ransoming the dead captives of Hell, or in awakening those who slept before His coming. And Easter testifies to the real hope of heaven, for in rising to new life Christ enabled* the gates of heaven to open and admit those who would die to their sins.

*No, I d not think that Enoch, Elijah, or Moses' bones are necessarily disproofs of this.

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