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Monday, April 13, 2015

Today's Serving of Doom

Today's serving of Doom is brought to you by New York Times (which is almost assuredly cheering the doom on) via Rod Dreher (who is almost assuredly hoping to warn us of the Doom). Here is a passage from the New York Times (behind a paywall, unfortunately):
Leading law firms are willing to represent tobacco companies accused of lying about their deadly products, factories that spew pollution, and corporations said to be complicit in torture and murder abroad. But standing up for traditional marriage has turned out to be too much for the elite bar. The arguments have been left to members of lower-profile firms 
In dozens of interviews, lawyers and law professors said the imbalance in legal firepower in the same-sex marriage cases resulted from a conviction among many lawyers that opposition to such unions is bigotry akin to racism....

But some conservatives say lawyers and scholars who support religious liberty and oppose a constitutional right to same-sex marriage have been bullied into silence. “The level of sheer desire to crush dissent is pretty unprecedented,” said Michael W. McConnell, a former federal appeals court judge who teaches law at Stanford.
 Here is Mr. Dreher's summary:
When lawyers believe that even terrorists deserve a fair hearing in court, but do not believe that people who believe that what has been a near-universal standard of marriage for centuries, even millennia (at least in the West) is worthy of advocacy in court — well, it tells us how the religious liberty of orthodox Christians is likely to fare in the coming decades.
God help us.

Bonus Doom courtesy of Buzzpo:
During the controversy over Christian-owned businesses refusing to bake wedding cakes for same-sex marriages, Feuerstein called a Florida bakery with gay owners and requested a cake with the message “We Don’t Support Gay Marriage.”

Naturally, the Long Beach bakery’s owner, Sharon Haller, refused....

Haller asked Feuerstein to take the video down, and he graciously did so. But then the baker turned around and reposted it herself, to attack the pastor.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Haller also called the FBI and demanded that Feuerstein be charged with a hate crime. “I’m just afraid because of the type of calls that we were getting that someone is going to attack me in my home,” Haller told News 13. “Please help put a stop to people like Joshua Feuerstein,” she pleaded online.

Apparently, if you’re a Christian who refuses to bake cakes for same-sex marriages based on your religious values, you can be sued and harassed and lose your business. But if you’re a gay baker who won’t bake an anti-gay marriage cake, you get to press charges against a person for simply making a request.
"Tolerance." Also, "equality." Once it was "Liberte'. Fraternite'. Egalite'." Now it's "Tolerance. Diversity. Equality." Different motto, slower build-up, but the end results may well be the same.

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