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Thursday, January 22, 2015

National Day of Death

Today marked another anniversary of one, actually two, or the worst decisions in Supreme Court history. Wise men mourn and pray, and work as they are able to end the slaughter. Evil men celebrate it. We're fast approaching 60 million dead since Roe vs Wade and Doe v Bolton, to say nothing of the millions more dead before those decisions made abortion legal and common nationwide.

In another of those decisions which competes for the title "worst", the court ruled that we ought to keep abortion legal because it had been legal for 20 years. Solid reasoning, that. They reasoning might as well be, "who could it hurt?" Whom indeed. The answer comes from a cemetery which would hold as more bodies as the living population of most European countries. It is small comfort that some 85% of these abortions are sought by single women--as if the fact that they were only ending the lives crating in fornication makes the murder an act of mercy. And still we struggle to so much as pass a bill banning the tenth part of these nationally, and even this is only brought up under a Republican Majority under the auspice that is it to prevent fetal pain. Trust not in princes, I suppose.

And in other news, and without a note of irony or self-awareness, Huffington Post publishes an article which complains about how American companies treat pregnancy and birth as a disease, to the point of having new mother burn sick days instead of granting maternity leave. Sure, some of that is because the people running corporations are looking for ways to increase profits. But our culture, or a substantial part of it, treats pregnancy as a disease which need not run its course--is it any surprise then, that many companies do the same with regards to their maternity (let alone paternity!) leave policies?

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