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Friday, January 9, 2015

Dialogue Palate Cleansers

Sometimes, "dialogue" feels a lot like talking to a brick wall. Sometimes you realize how not productive it is and back out (though I find that the same old brick wall is often back the next time). And sometimes you leave with a bitter taste in your mouth.

But then you find some palate-cleansers, like this post from Professor Budziszewski's blog. Or this video rebuttal to "The Amazing Atheist":

(Ok, that last misses a few small points, but it's generally pretty well-done). I was kind of hoping for a full-out takedown from Fr. Zuhlsdorf over the good Cardinal Burke's comments about the Church's being too feminized, and unfortunately he doesn't really deliver this time. To be blunt, Cardinal Burke's analysis is at least partially correct, and so he is of course being raked over the coals by all of the usual suspects.

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