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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Abortion Barbies

A few years ago--around the time that this blog was started--the state of Texas attempted, in a special session of the legislature (and why wait for a special session?) attempted to pass a ban against all abortion after 20 weeks (among other things). At this point in a pregnancy, the unborn child is approximately viable--recall that the Roe v Wade decision stated that states lacked a "compelling interest" to regulate abortion until the fetus becomes viable (apparently, the fetus hits viability, and then magic occurs, and abracadabra, he is a person). Be that as it may, the courts originally set viability at around 24-28 weeks, but noted that as technology improves, that age would lower (these days, it's commonly 23-24 weeks, but the record is just under 22 weeks).

Of course, we know how that first attempt in Texas went: Wendy Davis attempted a filibuster, and when that failed an unruly mob prevented the vote from being properly taken in time. Fortunately the state of Texas was not so easily bullied by the mob, and held a second special session in which the law was duly passed.

The media, for its part, could not stop talking about what a wonderful person Wendy Davis was, up to an including praising the fashionable running shoes she decided to wear during the day of the filibuster. For all this, Wendy Davis earned the nickname "abortion Barbie," and eventually went down to ignoble (and much deserved) defeat in the Texas Gubernatorial race this last November; that is of course cause to celebrate (apparently, with 4 tons of beef brisket).

Unfortunately, "abortion Barbies" are not limited to the Democratic Party. The GOP has one of its own in Rep. Renee Elmers, and she helped sink the nation-wide ban on abortions after 20 weeks. Hopefully she'll be gone in two years, preferably by taking a sound beating in the primaries to an actually pro-life candidate (and one who is not basically a liar, at least not above and beyond what is to be expected of a politician). And, in typical fashion, we find that although she has sold her soul, and attempted to sell the GOP's to boot (as if they needed help with that), she has gained nothing from the pro-abortion side, while likely alienating a large portion of the pro-life side. Hopefully, this will become a cautionary tale to others of her ilk.

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