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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Predicating Ideas

Bumper sticker wisdom would have you believe that feminism is predicated on the "radical idea" that women are people. That might have been true 100 years ago or so. Today, it seems to be predicated on two radical ideas:
1) That men are less people than women.
2) That babies are not people.

I see this former one at play even among supposedly conservative, Christian feminists. If a hobby or habit is enjoyed by men but not women, it must be a vice. Women may have their hobby rooms, which are a respectable part of any house; the man-cave is often relegated to an external shed, or the basement. To be fair, when men went to work and women did not, the workplace was the place were men met, and the household was the domain of women. Now, the household remain more-or-less the domain of the woman, but the workplace is for both. There may be private women-only gyms, but male-only golf-courses are strictly forbidden. Etc.

The second point concerns abortion, but increasingly goes beyond abortion, Why stop at such an arbitrary line as birth, especially when even that line is fuzzy?

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