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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Few Good Links (vol. 11)

Links dump time!
  1. In case you missed it: the radical gay movement will not coexist with Christians.
  2. Two thirds of Americans live in a 4th-amendment-free zone, by rule of the courts.
  3. A California millionaire is now backing attempts to place a measure on California ballots to split the state into six smaller states. As a partisan of the State of Jefferson (albeit, on the "Oregon" side of the border) I endorse this measure, especially if Oregon can follow suite and release its southern counties to join with Jefferson. On the other hand, it does kind of thwart my plan for obtaining a concealed carry license should I be forced (by employment) to live in Southern California (God forbid).
  4. Old news, but in case you're wondering: our soldiers are being killed in the Middle East at several times the rate they were under president bush, but for some strange reason the media has stopped reporting on this as a daily fixture now that President Obama is in charge. Similarly, Al-Qaeda's recapture of Fallujah and the subsequent low morale for US troops is not being widely discussed by the media, either.
  5. Also, Obama's former Defense Secretary has released a memoir, and it is critical to the point of damning of the current president, who is allegedly allowing men to die for his own politic cowardice. Given Benghazi, this really isn't much of a revelation.
  6. This is a small part of why I switched to a semi-anonymous blog. The "scientific community" has dogmas and creeds of its own, and to deny these creeds and dogmas is...well, if not actually deadly, certainly detrimental to one's social standing and even career in scientific circles. Just holding to the "bare minimum" of being a conservative, Catholic (or even merely Christian) in a community which has been thoroughly propagandized by the godless Left is difficult enough without putting all of my opinions in writing under my own name.
  7. Stacy Trasancos has a post about the angels and us, or why we have difficulty learning science.
  8. On balancing between praying and acting--or between one's duty to oneself and one's duty to one's neighbors.
  9. Rebecca Hamilton asks, "What is it with MSNBC and Sarah Palin?" I should add that those last three words are really unnecessary.
  10. Justice is not always comforting.

That's it for now.

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