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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Georgetown Shocker

It's nice to see an ostensibly Catholic university actually do something to promote its Catholic identity. There is no space for a "pro-choice" group on a Catholic campus, "diversity" be damned. Those who don't like it should consider going to a secular university where that kind of thing is not only tolerated but openly celebrated and even to some extent worshiped.
Laura Narefsky and Abby Grace, the president and vice president of H*yas for Choice, respectively, write that they now feel unwanted on campus.  “Instead of being recognized as a contribution to a campus that strives for diversity, we are treated like a nuisance that undermines the university’s image,” they write.
Georgetown has apparently done the right thing here, even if only in a rather bizarre context. They still have a ways to go if they host a free-speech zone in which condoms may be distributed. Condoms are not free speech, and they are not a celebration of "diversity." Nor, for that matter, are private institutions such as Georgetown under any particular obligation to respect "diverse" groups whose purpose is the perpetuation of one of the greatest of evils, and which further exists to undermine the Catholic identity of the institution (however weak or tenuous the university has allowed that identity to become).

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