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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quick Link: Why It's Nice to Be Semi-Anonymous

Because he has the same views on gay marriage that Barrack Obama did until just a year or two ago, all the bien pensant have agreed that Card is a horrible bigoted monster who must be driven out of all decent society. So no review of the movie,  Ender's Game, is complete without a condemnation of the author himself.

From Ace of Spades blog. First they came for the Mormons...

I expect this kind of thing to escalate from simple boycotts (and 2 minutes hate) into being barred from "reputable" employment, fines (we already have those), possibly jail time, and then violence against persons and property (again, we have some of that) and ultimately to imprisonment, exile, and executions (via "euthanasia" knowing the folks pushing this homosexualist jihad).

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