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Friday, November 8, 2013

Obamacare: Put Up of Shut Up

Ace nails it.

Both parties should have no problem with this suggestion. Basically, take the delay (you know, the one that Republicans were asking for during the shutdown, but that Democrats are now asking for having "won" the shutdown showdown). Give the left until just before the next election to get it working.

If it works, it become a winner for the Democrats. If it fails, it's a winner for the Republicans (etc.). Get rid of the goddamned HHS Contraception mandate either way--there is, to be blunt, no good reason to retain that. For the rest of this misbegotten bill that the left likes so much, make it a put up or shut-up deal. If it can be made to work, fine. For better or for worse, the idiots who voted in the 2008 election (and again in 2012) elected Demoncrats, so be it. The people apparently wanted this, even if a bunch of innocents end up suffering over it. Repeal becomes the long game, and may change to "restrict". It becomes one more nail in the coffin of civilization.

On the other hand, if (as I and many others believe) Obamacare can't be fixed then the people who voted for it should immediately face an election which is a referendum on that vote. No more political theater/shutdown shenanigans (from either side). No more "It doesn't work because REPUBLICANS." You get a little less than one year to fix it. Since it took scarcely more than a week to craft it and vote on it, a whole year should be plenty of time to fix it. If not, the whole thing goes away without any further votes, and we start over (if necessary).

And the worthless goddamned tyrannical HHS mandate needs to die either way. There's no excuse for that bit of petty despotism on the Obama Administration's part. It is unjustifiable regardless.

That is all.

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