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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quick Link: Demeaning?

Ace notes that the new Obamacare ads are awfully demeaning, especially to Millennials (their obvious target group). I agree with him wholeheartedly. Men, this is what the President (and his adwriters) the President's supporters think of us:
"Don't tap into your beer money to cover those medical bills." This is another way of saying that we are too stupid to have bought medical insurance on our own, that big-brother government needs to step in to make sure we have insurance. Apparently our problem was that we had to choose between hedonism and health care, and we chose hedonism. There is certainly some truth to that in some cases, but as a whole generation, really?

Oh, and women, you're not off the hook either. Obamacare wants you to be as easy as your access to birth control:

Ace has this to say about these ads:

Do Millennials really see themselves this way? My God, I hope not.
You know, I bust on Millennials a lot. So that is Enemy Action.
But I think these ads are worse. When I insult Millennials, I mean to insult them. I'm trying to blame and shame them for their vapid grasp of policy (and reality).
Again, that's an Enemy Action. And the insult, while insulting, is less hurtful, precisely because one knows it comes from an enemy's mouth.
But here are people trying to appeal to Millennials. They present themselves as "friends." They "get" you, Man.
And here is what they think appeals to you -- pictures of young people in Party Hardy poses and daffy young stupid things who think Ryan Gosling is like sooo dreamy and my God where would I get birth control pills if Obama didn't draw me a map?
If this actually is appealing to Millennials -- and they find this to be non-demeaning -- then every insult I've shot their way is true.

Sadly, we millenials  are the ones who overwhemlingly voted for Obama, and who in large part were turned on to the Obama Campaign by the old Lena Dunham ad:

So apparently, these ads do speak to members of my generation, and are not taken as demeaning. That's unfortunate, and telling. Call it the slow realization of the great liberal death wish, if you will.

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