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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Irony from New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders handily beat Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary. However, he will not receive more delegates from New Hampshire than did Ms. Clinton. Indeed, Ms. Clinton has so far had one tie and one blowout loss, yet has many more delegates so far as compared to Mr. Sanders. I don't mind this much either way, to the extent that I won't be voting for either of them; I do think that the Democrats (and the Republicans, to the extent that they do this too) should consider not placing so much power in the hands of the party machine, since it does tend to make voters feel disenfranchised, to say nothing of disenchanted, with respect to their party of choice.

With that said, there is something ironic about the idea of the man who is running on an explicitly socialist platform complaining that the votes which he is working so hard for are being taken from him and given to somebody else who didn't earn them.


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