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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Raped by Rape Culture Warriors

One argument against allowing concealed carry of firearms on campuses runs as follows. We shouldn't allow guns on campus, because one day a disgruntled student might enter the classroom (or even just his professor's office) and blow the professor's head off. That kind of targeted nightmare scenario is relatively rare, even with the plethora of school shootings (they seem to be more frequent nowadays, but this might be sampling bias by the media). Nevermind that a disgruntled student can in theory still in theory do that now--if he's willing to break the law against murder, why would a law against carrying a weapon stop him? It might, however, stop the professor and/or his students from having a means of defending themselves--such has been the case in practice in virtually every school shooting which has occurred since guns were removed from campuses.

Funny how the argument is never applied towards the rhetoric of "rape culture." It's only a matter of time before a disgruntled student--probably a female, likely a radical feminist--makes a false "rape" accusation against a professor which ends up getting him suspended until he can prove his innocence. And the likely next step is a false rape accusation against a professor, which gets him fired before he has any chance to prove his innocence, in the name of something like "zero tolerance" (I'll bet); this will happen even if the professor in question has never had contact with the student outside of the classroom or other public settings, and even if the student has no evidence to bring forward.

Sure, he's not been shot by the disgruntled student--but he is an innocent victim nonetheless, one whose life and livelihood may be permanently ruined over it. The way campus administrations and feminist circles are heading, it may be only a few short decades before this particular scenario is a reality.

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