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Friday, March 13, 2015

Prints of Moloch

I've heard tell that there is no evidence for God in the world, a claim which I do not concede. Oddly enough, I've noticed time and again that the men who make this sort of claim will further it by denying that there is evidence of devils; indeed, even many theists would deny the doctrine of demons, and belief in such is treated as being somewhere between fundamentalism and superstition. The atheist might scoff and say that it is apparent that men are the real devils, and the New Atheist types would push the brazen claim that it is religions which makes them that way.

I would write that the last is a risible claim, but in truth there are some religions--or at least some sects within some religions--which really do bring out the worst in men. The Mohammedans have Boko Haram and ISIS to prove the point, and there are some bad sects within most of the larger eastern religions as well. In some ways, the miracle is that the Hindu with his dark gods is not worse on a global scale, that the Thug was a relatively small sect and that the American Quetzalcoatl and the Indian Kali were not worshiped in a similar manner, nor Shiva the Destroyer/Benefactor in a like manner to Ba'al. The atheist fundamentalist believes that Christianity as a religion should be treated as guilty by association with other religions as being as awful as they; though no atheist must ever have the associated guilt of the atheist movements of communism throughout the worlds, or of "enlightenment" projects which culminated in such movements as the French Revolution.

Nevertheless, the fingerprints of the demons should be apparent even today. How else could one explain that the Democratic party would hold human trafficking victims as pawns for pushing more abortions? Or that President Obama is loathe to send requested aide to African victims of Boko Haram, again on account of their rightful hatred of abortion and sodomy?

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