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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Few Good Links (vol. 18): Responses to that Misguided NYT Article by Gary Gutting

It's tempting to say that it all started when the aptly-named Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone insisted that Catholic School employees not publicly contradict Catholic doctrines (including, of course, moral doctrines, and of course this means sexual moral doctrines too). But Of course, the problem goes deeper, and his Excellency is only doing his job as pastor of the Church of San Francisco, centered in Sodom-by-the-Sea. The latest incident is, of course, a very misguided article in the New York Times, but I repeat myself. Here are some responses:

  1. Since the article itself specifically calls out Profs. Robert P. George and John Finnis, I think it only fitting to give the first link to their response. It is a general (and deserved) shellacking of Gutting's poorly-reasoned piece.
  2. It turns out that some of the school employees actually support the good archbishop. This is not surprising--nor should be the climate of fear created by the schoolyard bullies who oppose him, a climate which largely silences these voices of support.
  3. William Briggs also has a response to these attempts at gutting Catholic moral teaching.
  4. In other, but related, news, the gay Italian fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana have spoken out against "gay marriage" and gay parenting (via artificial insemination, rent-a-womb schemes, etc.). Dolce is a practicing Catholic, so he will be roundly ignored.
  5. The largest evangelical church in Sodom-by-the-Sea has decided that it will now condone (and perhaps even bless?) homosexual acts (sodomy) provided that they are done in the context of "gay marriage." I guess that's a double coming-out.
  6. Speaking of evangelicals, Rob Bell, last heard from for denying the reality of Hell, is now trying to affirm the reality of "gay marriages." He's not just affirming their reality as a cultural phenomenon, of course, but also their morality. In other words, this is not just a matter of saying "it's here, so we'll have to learn how to tolerate it" (as if any sin should be tolerated), but rather, "it's coming, so we should embrace it."
  7. Daniel McInerny also has written a good response to Gutting's propaganda.
  8. Professor J. Budziszewski will be writing a 7-part response to Gutting. The first part is now on his blog.

Please pray for Archbishop Cordileone, for the Church as a whole, and for what's left of our civilization: that he will have fortitude, that she will remain steadfast in truth, and that it will cease its pursuit of the great liberal death wish before it is too late.

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