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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Presidential PeDegree

Scott Walker is one of the possible Republican candidates for President in 2016. Actually, he's currently one of the leading potential candidates. Therefore, much is being made of his lack of credentials, by which I mean a college degree.

I think there have been maybe two Republicans to be elected president without earning a degree: William McKinley and Abraham Lincoln. Both died in office, so I suppose it's nice of Walker's political rivals to be so concerned with his health. Except, well, that's not why they want to keep him far away from the White House.

Honestly, though, we've had a few Presidents who did not graduate from college, including both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Every President since Reagan has been a graduate of Harvard or Yale (though I'll take the Eureka College Alum over any of his successors).

To be honest, I'd take Washington, Lincoln, Monroe, or even Truman over any president since the 1990's: degrees be damned. And lest the rejoinder be, "oh, but education nowadays isn't what it used to be...", let us not forget which side has been running the education system for the last several decades.

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