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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Blessed Anonymity

Soon we'll have a culture in which you can't call a fag a fag
without facing the firing lines. 
Why did we start an anonymous blog? A variety of reasons. I did this, and my co-blogger probably agrees--because I would like to be able to talk about some hot-button issues without worrying about losing my job over it. I work in academia, so such is a legitimate concern, at least in theory. I especially don't want to bring down the wrath of the various "Grievance Studies" departments* (and other Social Justice Warriors) every time I speak my mind.

Yet, I also cannot really not speak my mind. I try to live as St Thomas More in these matters, but I do not think I am near as discrete as he, and while I usually try to be tactful sometimes I am reduced to silence in real life. I then write my thoughts here, so in a sense this is an online diary in addition to being a blog. I've at times wavered between the two.

Not that I get overly contentious here, but sometimes it's nice to be able to talk more directly about an actual problem existing in society--and to do so outside of the work environment--without wondering whether you'll be employed the next day.

*The term is, as best I can tell, coined by Brad Torgersen, who I found via John C. Wright. I do not know if that is the actual origin.

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