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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OFA's Awful "Talking" Ad

There's not really any other way to describe Organize For America's (@BarackObama on Twitter) new ad. It's just as classless as the last round, and is again urging people to hijack the holidays to sell Obamacare. This time, they're using a nearly-adrogynous racially neutral onesie-wearing douche bag of a model.

He looks to be young, meaning part of the target demographic of folks who are (or were) enthralled by Obama's razzle-dazzle campaign-bedazzle bullshit. There are really three things which come to mind which others have said, and one more which I would add.

  • Everything about the ad screams "douchebag." I mean, really: plaid onesie pajamas? Discussing serious issues (however much Obama et al. may be treating healthcare reform as a joke, it is serious) with supposedly serious grown men while sitting around in pajamas? The hot chocalate thing is fine, I guess, if taken on its own. But the rest makes the thing laughable at best.
  • This is, moreover, another attempt by Obama (et al.) to place himself (and his policies) at the center of the holidays. Because you know, the holidays are about serving the party and celebrating the dear leader, not about spending time with family or celebrating traditions (religious or otherwise) or anything so unhip as that. It's an ongoing trend with Obama, everything's about him.
  • If Obamacare had done a better job of selling itself, we wouldn't even need to spend the holidays trying to sell it for him. The complete top-down incompetence in implementing the websites and exchanges is a part of the problem, as is the fact that he has been a) lying and b) changing the rules of the game since day one. However, even that is only a part of the problem, since Obamacare itself would be aweful without those problems.
  • My own observation: I notice that the age of the guy in the ad appears to be young(ish?). It's hard to get a good estimate, based on his lack of distinction from "generic guy/gal", but I would guess 20-something [edit: over 26, as some have pointed out]. Well, with the way Obama's economy has been treating 20-somethings, I guess that many of them really do have nothing better to do this winter than sit around in pajamas and drink hot chocalate. It's not like many people in this age group have full-time jobs to go to.

2017 cannot arrive soon enough.

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