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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fake Job References, Real Job Problems

Daily Dot has a story up about a guy who makes a living by providing fake job references. He apparently puts some serious effort into it, designing websites and even LinkedIn profiles for the fake companies and then matching them to a person's desired career. He apparently also goes through the trouble of providing phone references, though he tries to stick to email because it's easier to keep the story straight (Mark Twain is nodding in his grave).

The article leaves the ethics of this as ambiguous, and of course there are certain risks (including for one the risk of termination and a lawsuit if a company should find out that it's been lied to). With that said, it's nice to see somebody finding another way of sticking it to the hiring agencies and HR departments. Too many companies seem to believe that their entry-level jobs should have the qualifications of a degree and several years' experience: this for the kind of positions which once might have been had direct from high school or at least direct from college.

In many fields, an entry-level job becomes available only after having obtained an expensive college degree and undergone some (oftentimes) unpaid or underpaid internships ("to gain some job experience" of course). Any company which makes those kinds of its employees deserves any curve-balls which come its way.

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