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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

There's Psycpaths and Then There's Sociopathic Psycophaths

And among the latter category, there's the Man in the Yellow Hat and his evil pet monkey. The language at the link is NSFW, unless your boss an coworkers also have both a child under the age of 4 and a good sense of humor about it (and even then).
"His best friend (other than George and their doorman) seems to be a woman named Dr. Weisman, a highly regarded scientist, and beyond their friendship, the relationship has professional tones to it. She’s introduced Yellow Hat guy to colleagues, whom he impresses with his work, which happens to come in the form of “drawings.” He’s had to give some high-profile speeches and he seems respected by the community in general. He’s clearly important enough that no one bats an eye when he shows up places with his Monkey of Destruction. Perhaps because they’re distracted by the completely ridiculous yellow get-up he’s wearing."
I wonder if he's related to our president?

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